Available Version: CB400 / CB400(ABS)


Taking on the bold and grandeur appearance of the CB1300 series – the pinnacle of “PROJECT BIG-1, the CB400 SUPER FOUR has a completely renewed styling. From the fuel tank to the side cover, all the way to the rear cowl it holds sharp and strong proportions. Along with the paired meters and twin LED tail lamps that represent the identity of the CB1300 series. With dual grab rails, and 10-spoke wheels, it all combines to reveal an artistic beauty where tradition meets innovation.


The DOHC inline-four, liquid-cooled engine with displacement of 400cc is the heart of the CB400 SUPER FOUR. According to the rotational speed, the valve operation in the first cylinder changes from 2 valves to 4 valves. With the unique valve control system “HYPER VTEC Revo”, not only does it have a powerful torque characteristic, it is a power unit that aims for fuel efficiency even when cruising. For fuel supply, it employs the “PGM-FI” (Programmed Fuel Injection System), which increases fuel burning efficiency through controlling the timing of the fuel injection according to the driving situation. Moreover, the throttle is equipped with the “IACV” (Intake Air Control Valve), which improves the starting performance and stability when idling, to reach the goal of smooth driving in a wide range of areas including low speed to high speed areas. For the exhaust system, a catalyst device (catalyzer) is used to purify harmful components from exhaust gas and exhaust gas re-combustion. Therefore, despite of the attractive ad unique sound from the inline-four, its environmental performance has also been put into consideration.

STD Black

STD Blue


STD White+Red