Honda CB190R CB250F Test Ride Successful!

29 Mar 2016

CB190R CB250F Test Ride day ends in satisfaction on 20 Mar, thank you very much for your support, let us review that day.

It is cold and rainy in March but lucky that Test Ride day warmed up again and didn’t rain so that activity could run smoothly and efficiently.

Test Ride started at 9 am till 5pm, spent 20 minutes per session. We offered 2 units of CB190R and 2 units of CB250F. Participants were enthusiastic; approaching to 80 people! We have Honda bike owner who wanted to change model and also new licenser who looked for their first bike. It proved that Honda attracted different kinds of users not only experienced bikers but also beginners.

Participants firstly registered their information such as driving experience, health status, preferred test ride model, etc. It made us preliminarily know the participants status thus we could arrange and support better.

We newly applied reflective vests for helping us easily identify participants so that we could take care of participants and avoid missing during driving. Therefore, Test Ride could run smoothly and safely.

Following we presented participants about the model characteristic, test ride route and points of attention to ensure participants understand the test ride rundown.

Participants lined up to start testing their preferred bike.

Ready, go! Starting from Tai Nam Street, Cheung Sha Wan to Kwai Chung and then returned. Session was around 20 minutes; there were different road types such as uphill, downhill, straight road, and crooked road which allowed participants to test different bike performances.

There were new licensers who were not allowed to participate test ride because of the insurance issue, therefore, we provided driving service to let them join as a passenger.

Participants were very satisfied after test ride and even paid deposit immediately, it is because customer could enjoy first year FREE licensed fee and lucky draw chance if buy the same day .

Although it was a first ride, participants were driving proficiently like driving their owned bike.

Also, thanks to all participants who joined our survey, let’s check the questionnaire result below, CB190R got average 3.76 marks and CB250F is 3.75 marks, showed participants are satisfied with the two models. We are glad about the high rating which makes us feel more confident of product development and the comments are helpful for better model modification in the future. Once again, thank you all!! We will continue to hold more events and provide preferential benefits, please stay tuned for more news, thank you very much.

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