Honda MSX125 Fan Club Gathering 2016

26 Jun 2016

MSX125 Fan Club Gathering was held on 26 June. This was a joint event that Honda held with MSX125 club. Although that day was hot, participants’ responses were overwhelming. There were over 50 people! Honda prepared 4 units of 2016 MSX125 for test ride; participants enjoyed trying the new model and kept discussing the specifications and features. At the end, we had lunch together in a Chinese restaurant. To conclude, participants enjoyed the activity and highly evaluated the 2016 MSX125 for its fun, easy-to- ride, eminently customizable features. Thank you very much for your participation let us recap the day and we look forward to have fun again next time.

Below is the questionnaire result, participants highly rated MSX125 because of its easy manipulation and smooth response characteristics. Please stay tuned to our website for more news. Thank you very much.

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