Honda New Model Test Ride 2017

24 Sep 2017

Honda New Model Test Ride took place on 24 September. Although the weather was not very good in the morning, it didn’t stop participants for testing their preferred bike. Everyone was full of enthusiasm and excitement.

There were crowded from 10 am. The test ride quota was limited 60 people and the customers who reserved these 3 models also came to test ride day. They couldn’t wait to see their own bike and shared the feeling of why they chose these 3 models. Many riders await to have a ride with Honda’s New Model, especially CBR250RR & CRF1000. After test ride, many riders reflected that CBR650FA is great as well. So let’s have a look of that day event.

Five New Models were ready for participants to test ride.

Staff introduced the test ride bike features and functions before start off.

Let’s see how they enjoyed and felt after test ride:


Riders shared riding experience about CBR250RR. Most of them were very satisfied of the manipulation and appearance of CBR250RR.


Most of the riders said the engine performance and the braking efficiency are great. However, some riders hope the speedometer could show the gear level as well.


Riders felt the weight is very light and the motorcycle is very agile. In addition, some riders would like to have a longer touring with CRF1000 to deeper test this model. Also received some voice that hope to try the DCT version as well.

At last, we are pleased to share the test ride comments of each models from customers.

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