Honda New Model Test Ride 2018

18 Mar 2018

Honda New Model Test Ride took place on 18 March. The weather was good for riding.

The responses were overwhelming and since the activity is time limited, we draw 60 participants only. From 10am, participants start to arrive, they cannot wait to test ride the new models X-ADV and Rebel 500. They also shared their feeling and the reasons of buying. Especially Rebel500, because the seat height is a little bit low, the control is easier and attract many female riders.
After test ride, many participants feedback they are satisfied the new model performance. Let us recap the day.

4 units of new models were ready for test ride.

We all cannot wait to test ride.

Participants reflected Rebel 500 is easy to control because of low seat height. For X-ADV, the comment is good as well. Since X-ADV seat height is higher, for safety reason, there is height requirement for participants, sorry that could not let all participants to test ride.

At last, let us share the questionnaire results and comments of the new models.

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