Honda CB125R PCX Test Ride Successful!

6 Jun 2018

The Honda CB125R and the new PCX Test Ride day held in Macau on June 2 have been successfully completed. Thank you for your support of Honda Motorcycle. This is the first time Honda has held a new Bike model Test Ride Day in Macau. The goal is to hope that Macao customers can experience the performance of the new bike model.

Although the weather forecasted that there would be rain, it was fortunate that the weather is good and so the Test Ride activity was not affected by the weather and was successfully held. The activity starts at 1 pm, and each model is provided with a test bike. There are three models, CB125R, PCX125 and PCX150. The number of applicants for the activity was very enthusiastic, and the limited test ride number of 30 people was already full. It can be seen that everyone is very much looking forward to Honda's new bike model. Let us recap the activities of the day.

We also conducted a questionnaire to survey participants' opinions on this test ride activity. The following is the results of the survey. The three bikes, everyone is very satisfied with the outlook, feels fashionable, and feels easy to control and very flexible. The new PCX is equipped with a smart key function, and the vehicle can be operated as long as the key is sensed. Of course, the most important thing for everyone is the CB125R. Everyone is attracted by her unique cool style, and there were many discussions of CB125R.

Thank you for participating in Honda's activities. Please stay tuned for more news and look forward to seeing you next time.

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