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Before you visit and begin to browse or use this Website, please read carefully the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice & Privacy Policy. If you do not accept these terms, please exit immediately. If you continue to browse or use this Website, you shall be deemed to have unconditionally and irrevocably accepted and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice & Privacy Policy.

1 Statement

This Website is operated by Honda Motor (China) Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as “Honda”), and its parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Affiliates”). The contents of this Website are for the customers (whether legal person or natural person) in the Hong Kong Special Administrative District and Macao Special Administrative District (hereinafter collectively referred to as “District”). Honda endeavors to ensure that the contents of the Website are accurate and complete as far as possible, but Honda makes no representation, warranty, or undertaking on the accuracy and completeness for the disclosed information. Honda also does not assume any liability for any inaccuracy, incompleteness, errors, non-disclosure, etc. in this Website. With respect to any loss, expense, cost, balance, compensation, and liability so suffered or arising from the above situations, Honda and its employees shall not assume any liability. In particular , the prediction or estimation of the future information may have different degree of discrepancies from the actual results and conditions. Honda has the right to modify or change the contents of this Website and the using conditions, and to postpone, suspend and terminate the products and services disclosed in the Website in any way it may deem appropriate without prior notice, at anytime when necessary. Information of Honda's products and services disclosed in this Website shall be for reference purpose only and shall not constitute an offer, and also shall not have any legal binding effect on Honda or its employees. If you need to obtain more accurate or more complete information, please contact the Honda’s related department in charge.

2 Limitation of Use

Honda operates and manages the Website in accordance with the intellectual property protection concept of "respect intellectual property rights and make people live in happiness". The copyrights, patents, registered designs, goodwill, and other similar intellectual property rights and interests included or involved in the Website and its contents belong to Honda or its Affiliates, which are protected by related treaties, and other applicable laws, regulations and rules of each country throughout the world. When using this Website, please comply with the relevant provisions. The contents of the Website, including text, image, layout and color design, audio and video works, and other media works (hereinafter referred to as "the Contents of the Website") are only for your personal use. No one is allowed to browse or use the Contents of the Website for commercial purpose, or to conduct modifying, copying, publishing, distributing, disseminating, re-transmitting, etc. to the Contents of the Website, without obtaining Honda's prior written permission. You should specify the source when browsing or using the Contents of the Website within the legally permitted reasonable extent. For the Contents of the Website that may involve third parties’ copyrights, please pay attention to such rights and specify the source while using. You should assume any liability for yourself with respect to infringement of others’ intellectual property rights that is caused by your using them beyond the scope of use, and Honda shall not assume any liability or compensation obligation.

3 Trademarks

The trademarks, logo, service names quoted and/or referenced in the Content of the Website belong to Honda or any of its Affiliates, and Honda will not grant any licence for use or authorization for commercial use to the customers. Any trademarks or other related information is prohibited from diverting or reproducing without permission.

4 Disclaimer

The using and reading of this Website are voluntary act of the users for which the users shall be personally liable. Honda and any of its employees which are involved in preparation and disclosure, etc. of the Website shall not be liable for any loss (including but not limited to damage to the computer and network, whether directly or indirectly), expense, cost, balance, compensation or maintenance cost arising out of your connecting to or browsing or using the Website.

5 No Use of Cookie Technology

No Cookie technology is used in this Website. However, when you visit this Website and connect to related pages for products or services, the relevant information regarding your computer’s access to the Website will be automatically recorded in the computer system of the Website, such as the name of your Internet service provider, the name and version of the browser, the classification of the operation system, the date of your visit and your reading time, and the connected webpage, but the computer system will not record your “Personal Data” (defined in article 7). The above information that this Website's computer system automatically records will only be used to count your visit and use of the Website, so as to provide the basis for the future improvement of the efficiency of the Website use, but will not be used for any other purpose.

6 Links relating to Third Parties

In order to facilitate your use, the Website contains links to websites that are managed by other third parties than Honda. While using the relevant links, you will automatically leave the Website and visit other completely independent websites. Since the linked website is completely independent, it is not within the scope of the control of this Website. Therefore, you shall assume any liability, consequences, and risks arising from your use of such links. In any case, Honda shall not be liable for any delay or failure of delivery, connection, or implement of data, message, or instructions caused by your browsing or using of the Website or the Website’s links or the reliability of the network or suspension or malfunction of the network or communication facilities, or other reasons. With respect to any loss, expense, cost, balance, compensation and liability suffered or arisen from the above situations, Honda and its employees shall not assume any liability. This Article also applies when using the websites managed by third parties other than Honda that are linked to this Website.

7 Statement of Personal Data Collection

Honda respects and exercises caution to the privacy of customers in collecting, protecting and using and managing the Personal Data.

In accordance with Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486, Laws of Hong Kong), Honda will assume certain responsibilities for collection, possession, processing, using and/or transfer of Personal Data. Under this Legal Notice & Privacy Policy, the Personal Data shall have the same meaning as defined in the above ordinance.

7.1 Purpose of Collection

Honda may use, store, process, transfer, disclose or jointly use the customer's Personal Data collected or held for the following purposes, provided, however, that if Honda expresses or notifies collecting purposes separately at the time of collection of the Personal Data, then Honda conducts these acts within such purposes:

  • [Arrange for vehicle registration, insurance, payment by installments and / or lease];
  • [Provide vehicle maintenance, repair and other after-sales service];
  • Membership registration;
  • Conduct market survey, quality improvement, research and development, and implement questionnaire survey, and statistical survey and processing in connection with Honda’s products, services, activities, and technology;
  • Collect customers’ advice and suggestions for Honda’s products and services;
  • Conduct the direct marketing as stated below, after obtaining customer’s consent (including non-objection);
  • Notify the customers in connection with Honda’s products, services, activities, and technology (including notification of organizing certain activities, etc.);
  • Provide information and implement activities relating to Honda’s product recall, improvement measure, and service activities;
  • Study plans to increase the customers’ satisfaction and implement questionnaire survey in connection with Honda’s products, services, and dealers;
  • Confirm and review the dealers’ response to the customers;
  • Conduct the prize promotion and hold a lottery in the promotional campaign, and dispatch and confirm the prize;
  • Conduct market promotion and other related activities in terms of Honda’s products and/or services;
  • Collect participants for organizing Honda’s related market promotional activities;
  • Deal with customer’s inquiries and requests (including Honda’s contacting Affiliates and directing Affiliates to contact the customers);
  • Management of debts and claims, payment and billing services, and accounting (including unified accounting together with Affiliates)
  • Conduct verification of identity and / or credit review and / or debt recovery;
  • Conduct financial audit;
  • Assist the substantial or prospective transferee of Honda to evaluate the relevant transfer transaction;
  • Assist authorized service provider of Honda to provide the services aforesaid to Honda and/or customers;
  • Accomplish any other lawful purposes relating to any of the above purposes; and
  • Execute any legal or other rights of Honda to you.

You can voluntarily provide Honda with your Personal Data, but Honda may not be able to provide you with some products or services if you fail to provide the requested Personal Data.

If Honda believes that the Personal Data you provided is insufficient, or may not be satisfied with the authenticity or accuracy of the Personal Data, Honda reserves the right to refuse or temporarily suspend processing your application or request, or providing any services until Honda receives the required Personal Data.

7.2 Transfer of Personal Data

Honda will keep your Personal Data confidential, except that for the purposes mentioned in Purpose of Collection stated above Honda may provide the relevant information to the following parties (regardless of inside or outside of Hong Kong):

  • Any of the agents, contractors, banks, or third party service providers to provide administrative service, telecommunications, computers, payment, banking, or other services for Honda’s operations;
  • Third party service providers, including auditors, accountants, legal counsels, and data processers;
  • Any Affiliates of Honda regardless of inside or outside of Hong Kong; and Honda’s business partner and authorized dealers
  • Any actual or proposed assignee or transferee of Honda;
  • Any person to whom Honda needs to disclose information in order to comply with any law, regulations, codes, or guidelines enforced by governments or agencies, or to perform any legal responsibility.

You agree that your Personal Data can be transferred to outside of Hong Kong in the above cases, and the degree of the local privacy protection may be lower than that of Hong Kong.

In addition to circumstances above mentioned, Honda may provide the relevant information to third parties in the following circumstances:

  • Where it is necessary to provide the information in order to protect the life, health, or property of a person, but it is difficult to obtain your consent;
  • Where it is required to disclose the information according to law; and
  • Other circumstances as provided by law and regulations.

7.3 Review and Modify Personal Data

You have the right to review and modify your Personal Data held by Honda according to the related ordinance. If you hope to review or modify your Personal Data, please contact Assistant Divisional Manager of Motorcycle Sales Division of Honda: Address: Suite 3201-4, Tower 2, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (852) 2882-8369

In order to prevent the disclosure of the Personal Data to third parties, Honda will handle with related review or modification requests only if Honda received required information from you or your representative through Honda’s designated form and Honda confirmed your or your representative’s identification. Pursuant to the related ordinance, Honda can charge reasonable fees to the customers for processing the application of Personal Data review.

7.4 Safety Management of Personal Data

In order to prevent the Personal Data from damage, loss, alteration, disclosure, etc., Honda establishes internal rules, sets up the administrative supervisors in the department dealing with Personal Data, and takes safety measures in accordance with the company's internal rules. At the same time, in order to implement the provisions, Honda inspires and educates the employees, and supervises the company entrusted to take custody of the Personal Data. Honda is committed to the protection of Personal Data. However, because of the nature of internet, you should be liable for the security of Personal Data in the process of connection and transmission through Internet, for which Honda does not make any warranty. In respect of the websites links of third parties in this Website, since the Website cannot control the independent third parties’ websites, please be advised that you should carefully read the Personal Data protection rules of the third parties’ websites before visiting them through using the links included this Website. Honda takes no liability for the any Personal Data disclosure and other problems caused by the independent third parties’ websites.

7.5 Suspension of use of Personal Data

You may be able to cancel your account in this Website according to its rules if you decide to terminate use of this Website. At the same time, Honda will suspend collecting and using your related Personal Data.

7.6 Complaints regarding Personal Data

Please contact Assistant Divisional Manager of Motorcycle Sales Division of Honda if you have any complaint on the Website’s use of your Personal Data. Assistant Divisional Manager of Motorcycle Sales Division of Honda will respond to you within 15 days after receiving the complaint.

7.7 Others

If you change the address or other Personal Data registered in this Website, please notify the Website in time through the contact information disclosed in the Website, so as that the Website can keep the accuracy of your data and provide you with more efficient services.
Your Data will be retained for a period necessary to attain the specified purpose.

8 Direct Marketing


Honda intends to use the Personal Data for the purpose of direct marketing or provide the same to persons or companies mentioned in 8.2 below or let them use the same for the same purpose. Honda and persons or companies mentioned in 8.2 below may use the information of [your name, address, telephone, email] held by Honda for the purpose of direct marketing from time to time as long as Honda has obtained your consent (including non-objection). Otherwise, Honda shall not use the Personal Data or provide the same for such purpose.
Honda will promote sales for the following items, facilities, services, and other promotional items:

  • [Recreation activities as well as other activities, customer discount, membership discount, and gifts redemption relating to the motorcycle users / owners, motorcycles, spare parts and related products];
  • [The prize, loyalty or special plan and related services and products for the motorcycle users / owners];
  • [Products and services relating to the maintenance and repair of the motorcycles; motorcycle spare parts; fuel.]


Honda and/or persons or companies mentioned below may provide or request the items, facilities, services, and other promotional items mentioned above.

  • Any of Honda’s Affiliates;
  • Any of authorized dealers;

Honda will not receive commission or other consideration relating to provide the Personal Date to persons or companies mentioned above for the purpose of the direct sales promotion.


If you do not wish Honda to use and/or provide your Personal Data for the purposes as stated above for direct marketing, you can notify Honda (please see 7.3 for contact details). Under such circumstances, Honda will terminate using and/or providing your Personal Data for the related purpose of the direct marketing free of charge.


You may contact Assistant Divisional Manager of Motorcycle Sales Division of Honda (please see 7.3 for contact details) to consent to Honda’s using of your Personal Data for the purpose of direct marketing, or you may give consent in the Honda’s designated way when you provide your Personal Data to Honda.

9 Receiving or Sending Information

You shall not send any information that may contain viruses or other illegal contents to the Website, shall not conduct any behavior that may cause adverse influence or damage to third parties or this Website or Honda, and shall not conduct any behavior that violates or may possibly violate the public order and good customs. For all the infringement of this Website or Honda or other third party’s rights that are caused by the behaviors aforesaid or all the losses, expenses (including legal fees), costs, balances, compensation and liabilities suffered by Honda that are caused by the aforesaid behaviors, Honda reserves the right to take legal actions. In the meantime, with respect to the information that you send or mail in this Website, whether such information will cause defamation, violation of privacy or other problems, the Website is not liable for monitoring or reviewing the same.. This Website reserves the right to delete any information including aforesaid contents.

10 Future performance

The performance forecast, plans, strategies, etc., currently disclosed in the Website in part include the future performance estimation that is determined by the Honda management based on the information that is currently available and contains the risks and uncertainties. The performance estimation is not prepared for the purpose of providing investment advice relating to trading of Honda or other company's securities and shall not be regarded as giving an express or implied investment advice or reference, nor can they be relied by any person or used to make the opposite inference or conclusion. Please do not make investment decision by considering this information.

11 Proposal

For avoidance of misunderstandings or disputes between proposers and Honda, Honda will not accept any proposal from the proposers.

12 Renewal of Notice and the Application of Laws, etc.

Honda reserves the right to updating the contents of the Legal Notice & Privacy Policy at any time, without notice. Please read and comply with its latest version before using this Website. Honda has the right of final interpretation of the Legal Notice & Privacy Policy belongs to Honda. Any dispute arising from the use of the Legal Notice & Privacy Policy or this Website shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Additionally, the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall have jurisdiction over any dispute between Honda and customers arising from the use of this Legal Notice & Privacy Policy or use of this Website.