Dual Clutch Transmission

The World at Your Fingertips

Imagine being able to ride a motorcycle with all your attention focused on the joy of a gently curving road and the riding experience that surrounds you. With no distractions nor pauses in acceleration as you flick smoothly and effortlessly through the gears, shifting quicker than you've ever thought possible.

Now imagine being able to work through the gears with instantaneous response to your every input, like the paddle shifters on an F1 racing machine, without the slightest lapse in its seamless acceleration and control. Maximizing your enjoyment as it minimizes the time and effort of the shifting routine.

Honda's innovative Dual Clutch Transmission does all this and more, placing the precision control of world-leading technology right at your fingertips.

How does one describe the Dual Clutch Transmission? Japanese motorcycle journalist Tsutomu Matsui rode four models equipped with this revolutionary system and gives his impressions. Read here to learn more about this remarkable new way of more fully enjoying the riding experience.


As Honda's flagship sports-touring machine, the VFR1200F was the first motorcycle Honda chose to equip with a Dual Clutch Transmission like that used by the world's most advanced F1 racers, and featured on many premium sports cars.

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The NC750S is a unique sports bike having its fuel tank positioned under its seat and a 21-liter luggage space conveniently located directly in front of the seat, equipped with the parallel-twin engine that has gained lots of low- and high-speed torque.

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No clutch lever on the left-side handlebar. Instead, a large thumb shift switch located under the indicator switch provides instant downshifts. The CTX also comes equipped with a handy parking brake.

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