H.I.S.S. Q&A

Q1. What does H.I.S.S. stand for?

A. It's an acronym for Honda Ignition Security System, and the name of Honda's immobilizer system for theft prevention. H.I.S.S. is a highly effective anti-theft device developed exclusively by Honda.

Q2. How does it prevent theft?

A. An IC chip built into each of the motorcycle's two original ignition keys is programmed with a secret coded password, which is checked by the vehicle's ECU every time the key is inserted. The engine can only be started when the coded password of the matching ignition key is in close proximity.

Q3. Is H.I.S.S. installed in all models?

A. Not all Honda motorcycle models have it. Please contact your nearest Honda dealer or refer to your local Honda web site to find out which models sold in your area are equipped with H.I.S.S.

Q4. What is the H.I.S.S. operating procedure?

A. The H.I.S.S. immobilizer is enabled the instant the ignition key is removed from the key cylinder.

Q5. Can this anti-theft system be bypassed by making a duplicate key?

A. Even if a new ignition key is made to the exact same shape, if the key does not have the correct IC chip programmed with the matching password, the engine cannot be started.

Q6. Is an alarm also included in the system?

A. No alarm function is available. However, some models do have optionally available H.I.S.S. alarm kits, so please check with your nearest Honda dealer.

Q7. What is the battery life for a model equipped with H.I.S.S.?

A. Since the system uses a contact communications method similar to IC cards, its operation has no effect on battery life. However, the engine cannot be started if the vehicle's battery is completely discharged.

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