Dual Clutch Transmission


As Honda's flagship sports-touring machine, the VFR1200F was the first motorcycle Honda chose to equip with a Dual Clutch Transmission like that used by the world's most advanced F1 racers, and featured on many premium sports cars.

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The NC750S is a unique sports bike having its fuel tank positioned under its seat and a 21-liter luggage space conveniently located directly in front of the seat, equipped with the parallel-twin engine that has gained lots of low- and high-speed torque.

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No clutch lever on the left-side handlebar. Instead, a large thumb shift switch located under the indicator switch provides instant downshifts. The CTX also comes equipped with a handy parking brake.

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Advanced Brake Systems

Dual-Combined ABS - GL1800 Gold Wing

Over the years, Honda has adapted its Combined Brake Systems to a wide range of its motorcycle models, and Dual-Combined ABS

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Combined Brake System - PCX

Having had quite an interest in Honda's interlinked front-and-rear wheel brakes for small bikes and scooters, I tested out the PCX, a popular new scooter model equipped with the Combined Brake System.

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Combined ABS - FORZA

The large scooter segment of the world motorcycle market, in which Honda's Forza commands a prominent position, has, over the years, taken root as a major genre of lifestyle vehicles that offers a great sense of value and convenience.

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Honda's Advanced Brake System Q&A

From the perspectives of active safety and riding convenience, Honda has long focused on optimized braking performance as one of the most important elements of its research and development activities...

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Are you aware of the major differences between mirrors?

Mirrors can be round, square, or other shapes, and mounted in many different ways, from handlebar-mounted types to those attached directly to a fairing or cowl. A wide range of types and styles are also available, but one truth remains: Easy-to-see mirrors make one's riding experience richer and more enjoyable.

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How Do You Protect The Bike You Love from People Who Would Steal It?

One of the things riders hate and fear most is 'theft.' We hear on the news that "gangs of bike thieves are running rampant" throughout the world. Unforgivable, but how can we protect our bikes from theft?

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What does H.I.S.S. stand for?

It's an acronym for Honda Ignition Security System, and the name of Honda's immobilizer system for theft prevention. H.I.S.S. is a highly effective anti-theft device developed exclusively by Honda.

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First, when applying the centerstand, the rider stands on the left side of the bike, grabs hold of the handlebar grip with the left hand, and with the right hand grabs the centerstand lift handle, which is usually located somewhere near the left rear underside of the seat.

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With the right foot, step on and press down the upward-facing centerstand pedal, and balance the bike on both of the stand's feet, confirming that they're both solidly touching the ground.

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Next, step down firmly on the centerstand pedal while pulling up on the handle with the right hand and leaning your body slightly to the rear.

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Rear Seats


First, I climbed on the PCX's rear seat. This was my first experience getting on behind a woman rider who was already astride a bike or, in this case, scooter.

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This bike is the naked version of the CBR250R, and its wedge-like shape reveals impressive sports bike-like styling. Its rear seat is also slightly taller than the rider's seat.

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Forza Si

Next, we tested Honda's big Forza Si scooter. I decided to leave the driving to Risa and enjoy the ride from the passenger seat.

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GL1800 Gold Wing

Last, we tested the Gold Wing, Honda's premier luxury touring bike. I've always thought that this bike's rear seat is the best in the business.

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Idling Stop

Idling Stop - a familiar function already found in many cars today. However, currently only Honda equips its scooters with this unique and useful function.

With this system, whenever a vehicle comes to a physical stop for a fixed length of time, such as when waiting for a traffic light, its engine automatically shuts off, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons during that time to effectively "zero." In other words, Idling Stop is friendly to both the environment and one's pocketbook.

However, Idling Stop offers even greater advantages, which further add to a rider's sense of excitement and exhilaration.

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