Rear Seats on CB250

This bike is the naked version of the CBR250R, and its wedge-like shape reveals impressive sports bike-like styling. Its rear seat is also slightly taller than the rider's seat.

Seeing Risa straddling this bike from the side presented a very stylish picture. Initially, I worried that it might be a bit hard for her legs to hold up the CB when a bigger and heavier man like me climbed onto its rear seat. However, Lisa was hardly even phased by me throwing a leg over and settling down on the seat.

The shape of the rider's portion of the seat enables an easy and secure reach to the ground, which certainly plays an important role in stability at stop. Its form tapers outward within comfortable range of most riders' legs, and no body parts bulge out to get in the way of their direct extension to the ground. The handlebars are also ideally sized and positioned to offer excellent support when stopped, further enhancing the CB's sense of stability.

Honda Rear Seats on CB250

Riders ranging from beginners to those with more expert skills, regardless of sex or physique, choose to ride motorcycles, so it's important that all the fundamental components be well made.

The suspension sank as I climbed aboard the rear seat, but Risa noted that she only needed to exert a bit of strength in one of her legs, and hardly noticed that somebody had gotten on the bike.

In fact, when I settled down on the rear seat, I found it to be a comfortable fit, and easy to stay balanced. The relative layout of the seat and steps felt good, as well.

Risa was able to start out on the CB smoothly and expertly. Although the rear seat pad is not particularly big, it never gave the impression that it was uncomfortably small either. Designed to provide good support for most bottoms, the positioning of the rear pegs made it easy to use my feet to coordinate my movements with those of the bike and rider, enhancing my sense of security.

The size and shape of the grab bar also offered a comfortable grip, and it seemed relatively free from the annoying vibration normally associated with single-cylinder engines at speed. The CB's chassis is robustly constructed, and seems impervious to bumps in the road surface, leaving me with the impression that I could tolerate a long day's outing seated right where I was.

Honda Rear Seats on CB250

My body shifted back and forth as the gears were changed or brakes were applied, but it was easy to keep my balance by merely holding on lightly to the two integrated side grab rails and allowing the upper part of my body to sway back and forth. It felt fine to simply wrap my hands around the grab rails and enjoy the ride behind Risa. This grip helped prevent any exaggerated body movement that might interfere with Risa's otherwise smooth and careful control. It brought to light another important design criteria in that the passenger's environment needs to be to adjusted to allow the rider to concentrate on riding operations without being distracted by the passenger. Tandem riding is much safer and more enjoyable when both rider and passenger are comfortable.

I also found I was able to move around on the seat freely. Employing the latest in tail-up styling, the CB250F's designers seem to have taken great care in the design of the rear seat. Risa observed, "This CB250F is really easy to control, even riding double. At first I thought that its small 250cc engine might not have enough power for riding double, but that wasn't the case at all. The CB makes quite a good city commuter. Also, when we switched riding duties and it was my turn to sit on the rear seat, my first impression was that it was quite high, since the rear seat is positioned higher than the rider's seat. However, once we started out, I soon found I could easily support my body, so it wasn't scary in the least. Instead, I was able to enjoy the sensation of riding together almost as one with the rider." Although our height and weight differ greatly, what Risa felt was nearly the same as my own experience. It was great to be able to hop on the rear seat and feel such a sense of security at the start of the ride that we could instantly share the pleasures of riding together.

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